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Submitting User Plugins

User plugins are submitted to the main documentation repository.

How to Submit a Plugin?

Fork the Repository

Visit the following repository and fork it.

If you have an existing fork, you need to catch up with the main repository, or simply re-fork it by deleting your fork and making another.

Modify the Plugin List

After forking the repository, modify your version of the forked repository and add a new folder under docs/plugins.

This folder should be the name of your GitHub public profile.

Make sure to create an index.js file under the new folder as well.

ie. plugins/stuyk/index.js

Modify your new file, and follow the format below:

module.exports = [
        title: 'Template Plugin', 
        repo: 'altv-athena-plugin-template', 
        branch: 'main' 

Create a Pull Request

Visit the following link:

Click on New Pull Request on the right-hand side.

Click compare across forks.

Find the repository you modified, and select it for the head repository.

A big green button will say Create Pull Request. Click it.

Submit the PR.

Created by Stuyk | Est. 2020